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Miya Epoch CZ-15 APJ (12v)

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Delivering a maximum retrieval speed of 110 m/min. and an instantaneous hoisting force up to 100kg, you'll have enough power to pull the plug out of the sea floor! The Miya Epoch CZ-15 APJ uses a patented system called Hoisting Force Control, which automatically calculates and controls lifting force and speed in response to fish pulls. This greatly increases motor life by avoiding unnecessary strain on the motor as well as minimising current draw on your battery. The drag assist lever also allows you to make fine adjustments to drag during big fights, without having to touch your main drag lever. The CZ-15 APJ delivers on all fronts, with huge line capacity, jigging function, and a work horse of a motor that's capable of bringing big fish to the boat all day long.

  • Drag capacity from - 40-110kg
  • Max. retrieval speed - 110m/min (12v) 
  • Sustained Hoisting Power - 45kg
  • Manual winding gear ratio - 1:3.18
  • Amp Draw - 1.4~23A (12v)
  • Sound break for backlash prevention
  • Reverse polarity prevention - Overload control - Voltage drop & Over voltage protection
  • Operating Temperature - -10°c ~ +80°c
  • Weight - 5.7kg
  • Line Capacity,

                               PE Line #10-2,000m

                               PE Line #12-1,600m

                               PE Line #15-1,200m

                               PE Line #20-1,000m

                               PE Line #30-700m

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