Miya Epoch AT-3s (12v)
Miya Epoch AT-3s (12v)

Miya Epoch AT-3s (12v)

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The Miya Epoch AT-3s is equipped with a high powered motor, which can deliver fast retrieval speeds of up to 150m/min. and an impressive instantaneous winding force up to 55kg. The AT-3s features the patented Hoisting Force Control, which automatically calculates and controls lifting force and speed in response to fish pulls. It also incorporates a pre-set jigging function which makes this an extremely versatile and capable electric reel.

  • Drag capacity - 20~40kg
  • Max. drag winding power - 55kg
  • Max. retrieval speed - 150m/min 
  • Manual winding gear ratio - 1:1.92
  • Amp Draw - 2.6~15A (12v) 
  • Reverse polarity prevention &  Overload stop control
  • Weight - 1.9kg
  • Line Capacity,

                               PE Line #4  -900m

                               PE Line #5  -800m

                               PE Line #6  -700m

                               PE Line #8  -550m

                               PE Line #10-450m

                               PE Line #12 - 350m

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